Was UFO Really Seen at ‘International Space Station’?

Was UFO Really Seen at 'International Space Station'?

Aliens are now interested in ‘International Space Station’ (ISS). They are often roaming around the station. Recently UFO believers claimed this showing a secret clipping taken by NASA. In a video they said, it is clear from the image that UFO orbited the space station in reality. They also claimed, it’s not the first time, UFOs visited International Space Station several times before.

In recent, astronaut Scott C Waring noticed a suspicious element in a regular video taken by NASA. He saw, an unknown thing is moving very close to the space station. A same type of vehicle was seen before flying near space shuttle ‘Atlantis’ in 2006.

Groups that believes in Unidentified Flying Objects are saying, it is now clear that aliens did come. But the leading countries in space researches are either reluctant or they don’t want to let people know about this matter. That’s why the truth never see the light of acknowledgement.

Infact NASA declined to officially publish the footage Scott claims to have UFO image in it. However, this is not the first time such incident occurred. From 60’s, when first human was sent to space to present days, several astronauts had claimed so far of viewing unusual things or movements in space. But NASA or any other space agencies couldn’t give any suitable explanation of those claims.

Describing what he saw there, Scott C Warning said, a long cylinder shaped element was floating around ISS. Speed of the semi-transparent object was almost same as ISS. He added, when he decided to have a closer look, the monitor suddenly became blur, which he believes was intentionally done by NASA. Scott claimed, even before whenever unusual acts were caught in camera, NASA deliberately used to stop broadcasting for minutes.