Seth Rogen Won’t Stop Working With James Franco

Seth Rogen Won't Stop Working With James Franco
James Franco and Seth Rogen in 'The Interview' (2014)

Hollywood actor Seth Rogen has said that he will continue to work with James Franco, who is currently under harsh criticism after multiple allegations of sexual misconducts against him.Recently in an interview, writer-actor Seth Rogen talked about the recent ‘Me Too’ campaign started by the victims of sexual harassment. Actor James Franco is not only Rogen’s friend, his co-star also. Franco and Rogen worked together in films like ‘This Is The End’, ‘Pine Apple Express’, ‘The Interview’ and ‘Sausage Party’.

Rogen said in the interview about ‘Me Too’ campaign that he wants to be the last person to say something about it.

When asked whether he still wants to work with James Franco after so many allegations against him, Seth Rogen replied in one word, ‘yes’.

After multiple women, some men too spoke up about the sexual abuses happened in the past against them, the ‘Me Too’ campaign started in United States. Soon other victims from around the world flooded social media with their experiences with #metoo hashtag.
Hollywood is still heated with the issue.

Seth Rogen, closely related with one of the accused James Franco, bypasses the issue saying that lots of people are now talking about the topic, his comment is not going to add up anything new to it.

Though James Franco denied all of the allegations against him, he supported the victims’ move to expose their sufferings even after so many years.