Sylvester Stallone To Face Mexican Drug Lord In Rambo 5

Sylvester Stallone To Face Mexican Drug Lord In Rambo 5
(image: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

May be Sylvester Stallone is now 71. So what? Still it’s no issue for him to face off brand new enemies. Atleast the fresh information on the new movie of ‘Rambo’ franchise indicates that.

The fifth sequel of this iconic Hollywood series is currently waiting to start it’s journey. Earlier there was a confusion whether the veteran actor who played as ‘John Rambo’ in all of the last four films will continue this time too. But now it is confirmed that Sylvester Stallone is again portraying the Vietnam War veteran’s role.

According to ‘Deadline’ magazine, Stallone is not only acting in lead role, he is associated with the script too. Avi Lerner, who worked with Stallone in ‘Expandable’ series, is going produce ‘Rambo 5’.

But exactly how John Rambo is going to get involved in another of his deadly missions?

In 2014, it was first heard that John Rambo will face a Mexican drug lord in the next movie. Now a little more is reveled on that. In the fifth movie, Rambo will be seen being busy spending his own retired life peacefully. But when the daughter of his close friend got kidnapped by a notorious drug dealer, Rambo rushes to Mexico to save her and engages in the new mission.

Rumors were there for the last few years that the ‘Rambo’ series may adopt James Bond policy. That means a fresh new actor may replace Sylvester Stallone in John Rambo’s character. But after a while, they changed the plan and decided that Stallone will continue, but with the end of the entire franchise! As per that plan, the team picked the name ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ for the last film, as the 1982’s first one had the name ‘Rambo: First Blood’.

The latest film of the series was released in 2008. However it failed to create any storm in the box office as per expectation. While 26 years ago the first film built a cult in Hollywood, as well as in the world, the fourth one looked quite tired of it’s age. Critics commented in a single line, Rambo has finished.

Sylvester Stallone directed that 2008 film. It’s still not clear whether he will continue behind the lens once again or not. But whoever that is, he have to work seriously hard. Otherwise the forever fans of John Rambo may not miss the new movie, but it would be hard to grab newest generation who are currently mesmerized by John Wick or Mad Max: Fury Road.