Can New Theory Solve Bermuda Triangle Mystery?

Can New Theory Solve Bermuda Triangle Mystery?

It’s 21st century. Human race has crossed a long way so far in science and technology. But mystery of Bermuda Triangle is still unbreachable to them. Recently in a report of Daily Mail claims to found explanation of what actually happens in this mysterious territory.

Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangular area, connecting Bermuda, Miami (Florida) and San Juan (Puerto Rica). The facts made this territory mysterious are some news of last century. It is said whatever ships or jets went over there had been disappeared, leaving no tress or wreckage. Lots of researches had been done on these since then. But none got any believable answer.

EVW Jones first brought Bermuda Triangle’s mysterious character to limelight. In 1950, Jones claimed in a journal published in AP, some aircrafts and water vehicles has disappeared in this area in last few years. Two years later, Fate Magazine claimed in an article, a whole contingent of five bomber jets named flight-19 has been disappeared there in 1945. The last message from the contingent was, ‘Everything seems very unusual. We don’t know which direction is west. The oceans doesn’t look normal. We think we areā€¦’

Later one by one more news and stories of disappearing vehicles came to media till the last end of 20th century. Some of disappearing whole DC aircraft, some of passenger ship.

Now Daily Mail’s report claimed, Norwegian researchers have found some large holes Beneath the Barents Sea. Scientists from Arctic University added, the diameter and the depth of these holes or volcano crater can be 3280 feet and 131 feet respectively. They identified these holes by 3d seismic imaging method. Scientists are saying, pressure of erupting methane gas can be the cause of creating these holes, which may have been created by high pressure of oil fields.

The report mentioned an interview of Russian scientist Vladimir Potapov given to Siberian Times. According to Potapov’s logic, methane gas’s eruption increases the sea-water’s temperature. Which makes the ships dysfunction and drowned. It also changes the atmosphere, which causes the same fate of aircrafts.