Get Rid Of Snoring Sound By New Device

Get Rid Of Snoring Sound By New Device

Busy meeting your favorite star? Spending vacation in a splendid location? Or just won huge amount of cash in lottery? Suddenly had to wake up by irritating sound of your partner’s snoring! Not only your experience, lots of people are facing this regularly. A group of American technologists are now to invent a special device named ‘Silent Partner’ which will decrease the sound frequency of snoring. That will help people nearby to sleep peacefully!

Netanel Eyal, researcher of this project said, this new device has to be put on nose while sleeping. Attached with lightweight censor it will be placed on both sides of nose and is safe for every angle you sleep.

American Academy of Otolaryngology who work on ear and neck diseases says, 45% of normal mature human being snore and for 25% this happens regularly. Various reasons are there for this problem. Weakness in tongue or neck muscles, disrupted breath etc. Eyal commented that this device will not only help physically, as well will bring peace in family and in improving relations.

In this ‘Silent Partner’, an active technology of preventing noise has been set, which works on the sound wave theory of physics. Each sound is determined by it’s pressure wave, which has specific spread and vibration. The newly invented device will produce similar spead’s and opposite vibration’s sound. This will create a new wave combining snoring noise and device’s opposite sound, which will ultimately depress the snoring sound.

Eyal said, snoring sound has specific frequency and type which is different from talking, breathing and other activities those make sound. He and his team have received positive responses from experts and doctors. He added, they are now working further to make a upgraded version of ‘Silent Partner’ which will help asthma patients. Online fund raising has been started already. They are hoping, within November they will be able to launch ‘Silent Partner’ in market.