Home On Moon Will Be Earlier Than Expected

Home On Moon Will Be Earlier Than Expected

Buzz Aldrin. The man who was the second to mark his footsteps on moon, believes that sooner than everyone thinks, human will build home on moon. And this settlement will be as vast as today’s international space station.

Many countries have already started joint venture to make settlement on moon surface. Aldrin said, this stations will be permanent. But men don’t need to stay there permanently. Because the transportation system will be very easier from earth to moon that time. Private enterprises will arrange shuttle cars for those journeys. And after all these efforts starts rolling successfully, the path to build home on Mars will be more clear and near.

NASA, the US space research center announced in a report published on July 2015, possibly within 5 to 7 years, a colony can be built on moon. Estimated cost will be $10 billion. However the report hasn’t mentioned anything about how people will return to earth from there. However European Space Agency chief Johann Worner expressed hope about an undoubted success of this mega project.

According to Worner , when finally men will be able to build home on moon, it will dramatically increase the capability of space research. Astronauts will acquire new experiences of adopting in different atmosphere. Space tourism and mineral collection will get their path.

To Buzz Aldrin, China has high potentialities in this project. Because according to him, administrative mechanism of this country is much more organized than Russia, Europe or Japan.