Paul McCartney Again On Abbey Road

Paul McCartney Again On Abbey Road

The album cover of the 1969 Beatles hit ‘Abbey Road’, which became ionized half a century ago, has recently been brought back to memories by Paul McCartney, one of the members of the band. Last Tuesday, the 76 years old Beatles star suddenly took himself to the historic road near Abbey Road studio of Westminster, where the entire Beatles team walked one by one through the zebra crossing. The iconic photograph of that road crossing was later used as the ‘Abbey Road’ album cover and is still considered by many as one of the greatest album covers in history.

McCartney is currently busy with his new album ‘Egypt Station’. Recently he went to Abbey Road studio to perform some of it’s songs in a local show. Apart from Abbey Road, he visited some other memorable locations in Liverpool. These places carry couple of memories of some notable Beatles classics. McCartney has recently announced to perform in stadium shows throughout London, Liverpool and other venues.

Beatles members on Abbey Road
That iconic cover of the ‘Abbey Road’ album

The iconic cover image of ‘Abbey Road’ album was taken by photographer Iain Macmillan. It was August 8, 1969. Outside the Abbey Road’s EMI studio, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison started walking on the zebra crossing of Abbey Road. Purpose was the photoshoot for their 11th album’s cover picture. Iain Macmillan quickly clicked couple of photos. Using one of them as the cover, ‘Abbey Road’ was released on 26 September. The madness over the cover suppressed even the popularity of the album tracks.

Soon after ‘Abbey Road’ was released, rumors spread that Pual McCartney had died even before this photo was taken. The person seen in the picture is McCartney’s body double! They pointed barefooted McCartney as the proof. They also mentioned that John Lennon and Ringo Starr were in white and black dresses, which are usually considered as mourning costumes in many cultures. Pual McCartney however later explained that due to the day’s hot weather, he refused wear any shoe or slipper. And the white, black dresses of Lennon, Ringo were just coincidence.

Exact 49 years after those days, Pual McCartney walked through the Abbey Road once again. This time alone. Nostalgic McCartney posted a video clip of the road crossing in his Instagram account. The clip became viral within hours. Let’s check out the video :