Do Other Creatures See Like Us?

The answer is ‘No’. Though the eyes of animals, birds and insects are familiar with the internal structures of human’s, their views are quite different than ours. For some, the difference is in color, for some in shape, for some it’s in the quality.

Fly’s View
This is how flies see
Fly is an unique creature with versatile vision. Which is seems to be fly’s eye, is actually a combination of thousands tiny eyes. A fly sees image as an whole set created from the views of those tiny eyes. Fly can sees the ultra-violet ray. However its view movement is slower than of human’s.

Dog’s View

This is how dogs see
Though it is one of the most talented animal on earth, dog’s vision is of very low quality. They can’t see many of the basic colors. This makes their view quite gray and in a foggy manner. However dogs can see very well at night. Their power of understanding relative atmosphere increases that time.

Fish’s View

This is how fishes see
The color sense of fish is far improvised than of human. Like flies they also can see the ultra-violet ray. Fish sees an object larger when it gets close to that, just like looking through magnifying glass. This is the reason why fishes always run from here to there like scared animals.

Bird’s View

This is how birds see
Bird’s eyes are very sharp. They can even see the shadows of the color at daytime. Birds also are able to see the ultra-violet ray. Some nocturnal birds can see so far and clear at night, human eye-vision can’t even imagine that.


Snake’s View

This is how snakes see
Snake’s eye-sight is worse than dog. Many have a wrong perception that snakes can’t see at all. But that’s not true. They can see the thermal radiations, which sometimes become even 10 times more powerful than usual infrared technology. A snake usually doesn’t harm anyone if he is not willing to harm the snake. But with the object’s movement, the snake becomes impatience, which sometimes may lead to unwanted incident.

Rat’s View

This is how rats see
No matter how clear the Jerry mouse of ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon can see, in reality no rat can see that much perfect. A rat’s vision is quite dim and greenly-blue in color. They see everything like as slow motion. And interestingly they don’t see one single view through two eyes, but same view twice in both right-left side.

Cow’s View

This is how cows see
As we see the grasses as green, Cows see them as orange or red. They also have magnifying vision like fishes.

Horse’s View

This is how horses see
One of the fastest animal on earth have their eyes on opposite sides of their heads. It has pros and cons. They can see what’s happening in left and right wider than other creatures. But they miss the scene just infront of their nose!

Bee’s View

This is how bees see
The vision of a bee is extremely sharp. A bee can understand the scenario three times faster than any human being. They also can see the ultra-violet ray.

Shark’s View

This is how sharks see
Sharks are unlucky about colors. Everything is black and white to them. But that doesn’t bother them while hunting prays. Our vision is nothing compared to theirs’ sharpness.

Chameleon’s View

This is how chameleons see
Chameleons have very amazing vision. They can rotate their eyes at any angle they want. Thus they can enjoy almost 360 degree views of any scene.

Butterfly’s View

This is how butterflies see

The vision of a butterfly is less clear than of a human. But they can see more colors and their shadows than us. Butterflies also can see the ultra-violet ray.

images: brightside


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